Hello! I’m Komal, a
UX designer, researcher & thinker.

I love working with people, teams and companies who love keeping people at the centre of things.

Pocket Parks

Pocket Parks is an app designed to help people living in urban areas discover outdoor spaces in their neighbourhoods, an experience essential to their overall well-being. It also allows the users to select the best routes to walk to these parks, with an option to learn about neighbourhood trivia along the way. 


Heuristic analysis and redesign

Redesigning to impove user experience of discovering and purchasing items, along with the new membership sign-up flow on Costco's mobile app, based on Usability Heuristics for UI design.

Mastercard Hackathon

Cloak is the outcome of a 24-hour hackathon experience provided by Mastercard x BrainStation. In order to reduce credit card and identity theft frauds, my team and I created Cloak for Mastercard, a disposable credit card number generator that cloaks precious financial details of the clients during online transactions.


theScore Design sprint

In order to leverage technology to create a sense of community and belonging through recreational sports, my team and I designed WeScore, an app that helps women sportspersons discover safe venues to play at.

Creative director

Project manager

Creative director

Project manager